Focused on the future of your business Focused on the future of your business

Focused on the future of your business

Timely insights and actionable solutions to help you hone your skills, serve your clients better, and take your business forward.

Staying on top of industry shifts and trends while managing your practice can be a distraction. With our exclusive research and tools, we're here to help you guide your business through these changes, leaving you with more time to focus on the heart of your practice - your clients.

Latest Thinking
Date Title
09 Mar 2017 Closing the Gender Gap of AdvicePDF

A comprehensive view of women's investment attitudes and behaviors–explore how to turn these discoveries into actionable insights to better collaborate with female investors.

09 Mar 2017 Tracking the Alpha FemalePDF

Explore six techniques for advisors looking to work more effectively with female clients and to help these underserved investors reach their goals.

09 Jan 2017 Roadmap for a New LandscapePDF

Transform client attitudes about wealth transfer planning, clarify objectives and help prepare heirs for the assets-all while fostering a loyal clientele encompassing current and future generations.

12 Dec 2016 Appreciating the True Value of Financial AdvicePDF

Help clients to clearly understand the sometimes subtle but all-important connection between what they are paying for financial advice and the value that you're delivering.

30 Nov 2016 3 Truths About How Investors View FeesPDF

Examine three truths about how investors view advisory fees. Help inspire trust and engender loyalty among current and prospective clients-without reducing fees.

03 Nov 2016 What Are You Really Saying and What Are They Really Hearing?PDF

Use these easy-to-implement best practices to more efficiently communicate your value proposition to clients.

25 Oct 2016 Robo Advice. Leverage efficiencies while enhancing the value of personal guidance. In this webinar we look to explore the current global environment, delve inside a robo advice practice, and examine the future state.
12 Oct 2016 Financial Literacy AssessmentPDF

Use this assessment with your clients to gauge their level of financial literacy and work with them to develop any areas that may need review.

28 Sep 2016 Are You Leaving Cash on the Table?PDF

Help clients understand the importance of staying focused on long-term goals, and not fleeing to cash when the market shows signs of volatility.

15 Sep 2016 The Price of Financial AdvicePDF

This research report offers a wealth of proven techniques to help convey your fee value proposition. Helping clients to understand and appreciate the total value you provide.

14 Jul 2016 Developing Financial KnowledgePDF

Financially knowledgeable clients are often better clients. Learn how to take on the role of educator for the whole family; help improve the financial literacy of existing and next generation clients.

20 May 2016 The Ageing BrainPDF

Investors can't predict the markets, but they can protect their financial interests should their own cognitive abilities decline. Develop a plan before it is needed to help your clients manage risk.

21 Apr 2016 Making Performance PersonalPDF

Help clients align their definition of success with their reasons for investing by implementing a goals-based wealth management approach. Review hypothetical scenarios that put this into practice.

31 Nov 2015 Bridging the Trust DividePDF

Adviser Best Practices for Communicating Value and Building Trust.

31 Oct 2015 Embracing Change as OpportunityPDF

Learn how to expand your practice and reach a new demographic by combining the experienced, personal touch of your existing advisory model with web-based platforms and technology.

Building a Practice Management Platform that supports your business

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