SPDR ETFs. Built with a purpose: You SPDR ETFs. Built with a purpose: You

SPDR ETFs. Built with a purpose: You

We understand that unpredictable markets can make it challenging for you to realise your investment goals. That's why at State Street Global Advisors, our prime goal is to help you achieve yours.

SPDR ETFs give you wide access to diverse investment opportunities while still keeping things simple, transparent and low-cost. This efficient access to markets means you can use SPDR ETFs to alter your exposure to specific asset classes, sectors, or countries to help reach your desired investment outcome.

Insight from Jim Ross

Hear from Jim Ross, Chairman of the Global SPDR Business tell the story about how the first ETF came to fruition in 1993.

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10 things about SPDR ETFs

Offered by State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), a pioneer in the global ETF industry, SPDR ETFs give you access to opportunities across a variety of asset classes, sectors and regions. Easily traded like a stock and providing the diversification of a managed fund, SPDR ETFs allow you to precisely match your investments to your investment strategy.

SSGA created the first ETF in 1993 and since then each new member of the SPDR ETF family reflects our intimate knowledge of the ETF market and over 35 years of indexing experience.

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