How To Trade SPDR® ETFs

The Primary Market

The primary market for SPDR ETFs consists of approved dealers in each fund, including market makers and Authorised Participants with the capacity and authority to create and redeem SPDR ETFs in accordance with demand. This unique open-ended structure ensures that SPDR ETF shares trade with maximum liquidity.

The Secondary Market

An extensive network of liquidity providers supports the secondary market for SPDR ETFs in the Australian market. This extensive network of dealers provides OTC and on exchange dealing, ensuring liquidity, competitive spreads and price transparency throughout all funds.

Fund-Specific Information

Market Makers

Deutsche Securities Australia Glyn Roberts +612 8258 3435
Susquehanna Pacific Mitchell Tourle +612 8226 5035
Brett Lesh +612 8226 5115

* Due to the natural high level of liquidity, SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Fund is not offered in the incentive scheme by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Market Makers can however still make a market in this product.

Institutional Trading Contacts

Credit Suisse Andrew Bruce +852 2101 7215
Howard Lin +852 3969 5151
Deutsche Securities Australia David Foodey +612 8258 1835
Deutsche Securities Australia Glyn Roberts +612 8258 3435
Goldman Sachs Portfolio Trading Desk +612 9321 8657
Susquehanna Pacific Mitchell Tourle +612 8226 5035
Brett Lesh +612 8226 5115

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