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Global Market Outlook 2018 Global Market Outlook 2018


Equity markets have continued to hit new highs. Growth is projected to rise. Economic conditions in many countries appear supportive for further gains. With so much information to analyse, how can investors take full advantage of the opportunities 2018 could offer?

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Currency Currency


Investing offshore gives you access to a larger and more varied investment universe, with opportunities for growth and income that are simply unavailable in Australia. But international investments also expose you to currency risk.

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Smart Beta with SPDR ETFs Smart Beta with SPDR ETFs

Smart Beta with SPDR ETFs

Smart Beta provides investors with rules-based investment strategies offering relatively low-cost, transparent and flexible implementation.

Look beyond cap-weighted indexes for additional flexibility to help meet your investment goals.

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Investing for Income Investing for Income

Investing for Income

When it comes to earning a steady income stream, many investors are likely to think dividends. But not all dividend strategies are created equal. And not all income strategies are dividend-focused.

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Australian Equities Australian Equities

Why not Invest locally?

Diversification is a powerful tool for investors looking for exposure to Australian stocks. Whether it's large cap or small cap, high yield or sectors, investors can build Australian stock portfolios easily and cost effectively through ETFs.

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International Equities International Equities

Is it time for your portfolio to go global?

SPDR International ETFs make global investing simple and provide diversified global growth opportunities through leading companies like Apple, L'Oreal, Toyota, Google and China Mobile.

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