Global Market Outlook 2018 Global Market Outlook 2018

Global Market Outlook 2018

Equity markets have continued to hit new highs. Growth is projected to rise. Economic conditions in many countries appear supportive for further gains. With so much information to analyse, how can investors take full advantage of the opportunities 2018 could offer?

In this year's Global Market Outlook, explore:

  • The economic and geopolitical forecast
  • Potential opportunities in equities and fixed income
  • Maximise the China Opportunity
Date Title
06-Dec-2017 Step Forward, Look Both Ways PDF 06-Dec-2017First the good news: for the first time since 2011, we expect the global economy to reach its historic trend growth level of 3.7% in 2018, building on the synchronized upturn we saw take hold in 2017.
06-Dec-2017 Economic Outlook - Growth Broadens, Returning to Trend PDF 06-Dec-2017More than 10 years after the first tremors of what would become the global financial crisis (GFC), we expect global growth will finally return to its trend rate of 3.7% in 2018. The real question for us is whether this is more than just a cyclical upswing.
06-Dec-2017 Geopolitical Outlook - Will Markets Be More Skittish in 2018? 06-Dec-2017What surprised us in 2017 was the extraordinary complacency markets showed to geopolitical surprises: neither the UK's unexpected snap election result nor multiple Trump legislative defeats nor even nuclear saber-rattling with North Korea upset markets more than temporarily.
06-Dec-2017 Goldilocks Backdrop Favors Equity Growth 06-Dec-2017To those who claim that equities have gone too far, too fast, we would point out that bull markets like economic recoveries, as Fed Chair Janet Yellen famously said do not die of old age.
06-Dec-2017 As the Cycle Lengthens, Investors Look to Hedge Tail Risk 06-Dec-2017As the equity bull market enters its ninth year and with the global economic recovery nearly as long in the tooth, investors are understandably concerned about the next pullback: when will it hit and how severe could it be?
06-Dec-2017 Maximize the China Opportunity 06-Dec-2017We believe 2018 will be a pivotal year for China with impacts across economies, markets and your investments.

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