Investing for Income Investing for Income

Investing for Income

In today's market environment, a growing number of investors are seeking to build portfolios generating a reliable income stream. High yield investments offer a variety of benefits, including the potential for more stable returns in period of heightened volatility.

SPDR ETFs offer a range of innovative solutions for income focused investors including domestic and global equities, domestic and global REITs and domestic bonds.

Listen to our new webinar The Search for Income: Time for a New Approach? or explore our Australian ETFs below.

Date Title
21-Nov-2017 Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Global Equity Income Investing PDF 21-Nov-2017In a persistently low-interest rate environment, high-yielding opportunities have become more difficult to find onshore. Here are five reasons why you should consider a global income equity portfolio.
08-Feb-2017 Global Income Strategies for Australian Investors PDF 08-Feb-2017Learn how Exchange Traded Funds can be an effective way to benefit from the income-generating potential of equity markets around the world, creating a reliable and diversified income stream through a single investment.
13-Jul-2016 Building an Income Portfolio: Time for a New Approach? PDF 13-Jul-2016In this low-rate, volatile market investors may have to rethink their income strategy to adapt to this new investment reality. In this paper we offer ideas for portfolio construction across equities, bonds, and sector and factor exposures.
16-Mar-2016 The Search for Income: Time for a New Approach? 16-Mar-2016In this webinar we look to explore some of the tools and rules used to build higher yielding portfolios and explore how those portfolios are looking in the current environment.

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