International Equities International Equities

International Equities

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) can be a highly effective way to access the diversification benefits of international equities, without the complexities of a direct investment.

With a number of international equity ETFs currently available to Australian investors, understanding what's under the hood is an important step in selecting the right option for optimal diversification.

Date Title
20-Jun-2017 Be Sector Savvy with International Equities PDF 20-Jun-2017When was the last time you looked into your portfolio sector allocation? With investment risks lurking in highly-concentrated, domestic-only portfolios, it could be time to consider international equities.
13-Apr-2017 Help diversify your portfolio with international equities PDF 13-Apr-2017Australian equities have delivered relatively strong returns for investors over the long term, but their concentration risk highlights the potential diversification benefits of international equities. In this paper we address four common concerns holding investors back.
13-Mar-2017 Time to Get Real: Why Your Portfolio Should Have a Global Property Exposure PDF 4-Aug-2016Australia property values are through the roof, but it may be time to seek attractive opportunities offshore. In this paper we explore the key investment considerations for global REITs.
4-Aug-2016 Broaden your horizons PDF 4-Aug-2016Why go global? In this paper we look at why investors should consider broadening their portfolios to include an allocation to international stocks.
1-Jul-2016 Why diversify your portfolio with global REIT ETFs? 1-Jul-2016Shaun Parkin, Head of SPDR ETFs, Australia explains how you can access a diversified range of property investment opportunities through global REIT ETFs.

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