Smart Beta with SPDR ETFs Smart Beta with SPDR ETFs

Smart Beta with SPDR ETFs

When serving as a complement to both active and traditional index strategies, Smart Beta can offer investors a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced risk-adjusted performance potential by targeting meaningful factors
  • The benefits of traditional passive approach including low-cost
  • Reduced oversight requirements

Learn more in our Smart Beta Guide or see further educational material and fund information below.

Date Title
16-Oct-2017 How Smart Beta Can Help Investors Navigate Market Moves PDF 16-Oct-2017Rallies ultimately end, so what can international equity investors do now to ensure they keep on track with their investment goals?
06-Sep-2017 Smart Beta: Unlocking Higher Potential Returns PDF 06-Sep-2017Smart beta is attracting increased interest as investors find they may no longer be able to meet their desired outcomes using traditional investment approaches. In this paper we explore how smart beta delivers active-like investing with a lower-cost, passive structure.
18-Jul-2017 Multi Factor Smart Beta Investing 18-Jul-2017Watch this short video on smart beta investing, and how a multi factor ETF can provide built-in diversification for your investment portfolio.
20-Jun-2017 Seeking a Smooth Ride in Markets that Won't Stand Still PDF 20-Jun-2017Timing the market is difficult, even for pros. In the absence of a crystal ball, is it possible to own a single portfolio that can consistently allocate to the best stocks at the right time?
31-May-2017 An Introduction to the SPDR MSCI World Quality Mix ETF PDF 31-May-2017Learn about Smart Beta, the details and the potential benefits it can offer investors and explore SPDR's Quality Mix Multi-Factor ETF.
9-May-2016 Smart Beta Webinar 9-May-2016Explore the evolution of Smart Beta strategies, why we expect growth to continue and where the demand is coming from.
14-Sep-2015 Smart Beta Roadmap PDF 14-Sep-2015Understand the five main factors targeted by Smart Beta methodologies: Value, Size, Low Volatility, Quality and Momentum in our Smart Beta visual Roadmap.

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